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News & Announcements

BSAP Invitation

BSAP Parent School Visits

The parent school visits are aimed to foster a personalized, interactive relationship between parents, and the work that schools are doing towards the success of Black student achievement.

Holiday Picture Day

Holiday picture day will be taking place on Wednesday, November 29th. These pictures are optional and must be pre-paid on picture day. Only students purchasing picture packages will be photographed on this day. Multiple holiday background options will be available and photos will be printed on the spot to take home the same day!

2nd Annual Fall Festival

student performances, refreshments, music, family fun, special appearances by NBA star all taking place at Crenshaw High School. Come join!

Halloween Parade

Parents please send your students in their best Halloween costume ! Please make sure the costume is school appropriate and comfortable for your children. Please wear appropriate shoes for school, no sharp objects or toy weapons, no gore or bloody costumes, no revealing clothing and no full face of makeup will be permitted on school campus !
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About Us

Tom Bradley Global Awareness Magnet seeks to create a challenging learning environment that encourages student success through appropriate instruction that specifically allows for individual differences and interests. Our vision is to provide a happy, caring and stimulating place where children will recognize and achieve their fullest potential, so that they can make their best contribution to society. 
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Our Mission

With passion and persistence we will perpetually pursue Excellence…for learning is our TOP PRIORITY!
School Creed
I am a winner of excellence in every way.
What I think, I can write, I can read and I can say.
I will always say yes to right.
I will say no to the wrong.
With all others, I will try my best to get along.
Respect I’ll give – Respect I’ll earn.
I know that I come to Tom Bradley to learn.
There are some things no one can take from me.
My pride, my self-discipline, and my awesome dignity.
And so I will do my best to excel in every way.
For I am a Winner of Excellence today and always!